Surviving Freshman Year

Fri, 08/07/2015 - 18:09 -- uhljess

High School, we all live through these 4 suffering years of our life.

So we basically know how it all works.


Like for instance the high school relationships.

We have the face suckers, the couples that no one even knows about, the couple that just dates to make people jealous, which quite frankly I think is just repugnant.

And of course we all have those months that every teacher decides to give you projects and test which makes you want to rip your head off.  


Once you think you get a break, SURPRISE! A random test that destroys your grade and probably your future, but don't worry I’m sure you can just get a job at McDonalds or some kind of fast food business.  


Then we start to get to the end of the school year, but by then you're hanging on a tightrope for dear life. Every day getting up at the last minute because you simply want to lay in your soft bed that slowly calls your name back to sleep, but unfortunately we then realize that if you want a life that you dream about you can’t lay in bed waiting for it to come to you. So then we get up, make ourselves look presentable, take one last look before you walk out into 6 hours of your life and head to the solitary confinement us high schoolers call school.  


Huh, You know one thing that I think is funny? That the first day of school all the teachers act like butterflies and rainbows, but then within a few months they are about to cut off your head and yell at you because you use the bathroom too much.  It might be because we act like arrogant kids all the time, but I can't help that my generation is assassine.  


The only good thing about summer is that every Monday you don’t have to worry about stupid drama that someone made up because they got bored over the weekend.  Now, Let me give you a tip, when you go to high school do yourself a favor and don't date someone until you actually know them, because they might be someone you want to kill for the rest of your life and trust me because you will want to kill them. Now I hope you can understand a little bit about it, because I’m only a freshman so this is still quite new to me, but I've already learned this much so bring on the next 3 years of High School.

By: Jessie Uhl

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