"Surrounded in Loneliness"


I'm surrounded in a crowd

But I've never felt so alone.

Vaguely familiar faces plague me,

I want to scream out loud


Am I invisible? Translucent?

One would believe so. See me!

Hear me! I long for companionship...

I'm normal. I'm not a delinquent.


Notice me, but more, love me!

This is my cry for attention.

Who doesn't long for affection?

Stay with me and lonely you'll be.


Does it ruin everything that I'm afraid?

My deepest desire is love.

But I reject the option of it.

I do love, just not as portrayed


I'll give partial love to all.

But risk myself to none.

My reasoning is protection,

the truth is refusal to fall.


I'll never give myself to you.

You might think I have, wrong.

You might even give all to me.

I'll hold tight, but my heart isn't true.


Maybe in years I will learn how,

how to love and appreciate.

Just as you do, and always will.

My pessimism shan't allow.


Are you willing to wait?

It may be years before I'm able.

Am I important to you?

Are you patiently awaiting an update?



Very strong poem. Here is some advice...don't put all of your trust on a human being, because that is what we are, 'human beings' and we're obviously not perfect, and we'll let you down. What is perfect you ask, God. He is the One and Only, He you can trust, He is no man to make a mistake like you and I, so follow His path. Take this advice, and your life will change forever.


@Erolas96_blue I agree completely. The only love that can truly satisfy is the love of the Father. We may be let down time and time again, but God's love is unending and unfailing! I wrote this poem to describe an instance in which I felt lost, neglected, and fearful. Your advice is solid, the only man that can captivate my attention is Jesus Christ. 

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