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if you are what you say you are-a superstar
have no fear
although there are times when you shed a tear
no one takes away my shine
i take my rightful place because all I've earned is rightfully mine
my determination glows like the moonlight in the dark
most prestigious moments like this is where i make my mark
my legacy will be admirable like a warrior who fights against corruption
my heart races with courage that ignites an eruption
my muscles intensely feels tight like a dude with no personality
i am a superstar. this is who i am always going to be
i am a superstar. no one will ever take it from me

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Firstly, "my determination glows like the moonlight in the dark" is just a plain badass line. Excellent job. "I take my rightful place because all I've earned is rightfully mine" is another great line, and one which really holds a strong truth: people are judged by what they've earned, in terms of deeds, works, positions. "Earned," I think, is the operative word, because one has to work to earn something. What I've essentially taken away from this poem is that to amount to anything--to be a superstar--you must put your entire being into it: soul, mind, and muscle. And whatever station you arrive at, it truly will be rightfully yours, because you will have worked for it. A very inspiring poem.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

we are all superstars
respect, recognition, appreciation is all something you earned
i'm very humble that you found my poem very inspiring
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