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I’ll never be what you want me to be

I can’t fit in the shoes you laid out for me

This wasn’t my plan or my chosen destiny

All I want to be is simple me

You tell me I’m worthless

You tell me I’m terrible

You make me feel like the skin I’m in is not wearable

It makes me cry just thinking of it

And how the color of my skin I just can’t rid

You beat me with your words

You slice me with your knives

 You words have so much power it controls my life

And all my hopes and dreams will never come true

Because of these scares you left like tattoos

 Their permanently embedded in me

I try to hid so no one see the hurt and pain that was forced upon me

Finally once I open up and tell what’s going on

Media tries to hush me up as though what I’m saying is wrong

They turn away and pretend they don’t see

Them breaking every piece of me

 Bit by bit they take some more

Throwing away the personality I once wore

Well you might as well say R.I.P.

Because the girl you see is no longer me.


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