Superhero in DIsguise


You are my hero

You are my guide

You are my paradise

You are my reliever


When I am lost I come to you.

When I get anxious or afriad

you are there for me, always.

When I feel alone, you're there.


When I get angry and annoyed,

You soothe my pain.

When I am stressed,

You calm me.


When I get sick of reality

you transport me to diferent worlds.

When I am sad, you take me away..

Alone on an island with nothing but joy. 


When I am angry

you transfer my anger into sound.

You take the pain 

and put it in your words.


Rock for anger

Country and Jazz for sad

Pop for when i'm happy

and rap for a dose of reality.


I strive to have you

To hear you

To speak you

To be you


I want to make you,

Take you,

Make ou my own.

Claim the beat, sounds, and the words.


You are MUSIC.

Everything I need.

You have saved my life,

So my life belongs to you.


I want you to take me

and shape me. 

I want to be your creator.

I want t hear you and know that I am the maker.


Thi is what you do to me. 

See! Look what you've done.

You have made a monster of me, 

A monster of love.


See because you are my hero,

you are my guide and paradise.

I claim you, I make you, I hear you

A Superhero in DIsguise


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