When you look at me
You don't see a little girl
Crying for her dad
You don't see
All the built up anger
Because a man got to serious
And turn into a cold hearted killer
Not caring that the man he killed
just got out of jail
And was now trying
to put his life back together
Or that he has a family
When you look at me
you don't see
The piercings through my heart
From the lies
That I allowed to draw me in
Only to be told even more lies
You don't see how I struggle
How I want more than I have
Or how sometimes
 I wish I could just go back in time
Just so my dad could hold me
And tell me everything will be okay
You don't see how my heart
Struggles to hold itself together
You don't see
 how battered my heart is
You can't see these things because
All of things aren’t

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