To the super woman

To the super woman

You are good and strong
You give without a word in life
You have your way of strive
You never ask for reason in love
Loveless Jay

God couldn't be everywhere,
So he created women.
She is the one who bleed,
Every month but still courages to bare every pain
Bunu baebee

It's always the pure love that surround
The trees of woman
Because of the way they care
They are the role model for people around
Loveless Jay

She is not a toy,
Which you play and throw when it fade.
She is not the one who deserves harassment,
But she is the one who deserves respect and gratitude.
Bunu baebee

Life without woman is just like a book without page
They never have any negative emotion inside
They are true and loving in life
Loveless Jay

She is the one who,
Carry a child for nine months in her womb.
And show the world
Sacrificing her life.
Bunu baebee

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My family
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