They call it whatever

I call it the sun rose

In the relationship i got in

They say we don’t match

But i call it a super match

They say it will end

But i call it the beginning


Surely, love has shone between our hearts

I don’t even spend a second or a minute

Without smiling just because i have got u


I used to live in darkness

I used to live in a place where everyday seemed like it had no sun

Where I didn’t see anything shining or bright

But now we have got the sun of love

That shines and my heart rejoices

Because of the light and brightness it holds


People see us and call us the lovers

They call us their role models

Because we have become the stars of the shining

Bright love just like diamonds.


I was the girl who never believed in love

But now I do.

If only I had time to tell you

How everything felt in me

I would just have to do with a joyful hearty

Coz it really hurts me to see

That you can’t see what everything seems like in me.


But am still glad for the sunrays

That strike hard on our love

And made it stronger


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