The Sunlight of Eden

A Tribute to My Mother || Written 2 Years Ago


You have painted flowers on my spine

Twisted your love into my ribcage

Shattered my aching bones, I am you

I will still bloom tomorrow

Any day, but with you


My leaves will suck away your somber sorrow

I’ll grow a ponderous burden just for you, my sunlight

My mangled stems curl around who you used to be

Without the disintegrated dreams and blazing ashes

In which, you have so graciously made me


My petals are in the shapes of crystallized tears

You’ll peel them back to reveal my despairing fears

With a “He loves me not,” you will recognize

Black and blue,

The familiar shades I remember you best in


I do not forget that you were beauty,

You were lovely and graceful

A radiant angel when you loiter in

A marble carved saint to rose gold eyes

Sunlight for me, a drooping flower


I died when the sun went down,

You descended because of metal and sugar and deceit

All the things sickly and sweet

You were my Eden, my comfort, my home

I’m sorry I had to leave, without you I’m so cold and alone


This poem is about: 
My family


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