The Summer We Were Soaked in Brandy


We drank to fade away
until it worked.
When the morning light 
painted the bodies
that we were still trapped in,
we fell asleep;
too exhausted to care
that we still existed. 
It was in the heat of the afternoon
we melted and melded
to our consciousness,
bogged down by our bodies 
fused to the same skin
we tried to shed nightly. 
We Washed ourselves in Whiskey
Scrubbed with Brandy 
Soaked instead of rinse 
and repeated 
in those witching hours.
But our faults were still blindingly bright
In the dark corners of the young minds
we shoved them under.
We never stopped trying to drown
the demons we carried with us
but alcohol is not holy water
And faith only works 
if you believe.



Clutch, a lot of my friends need to see this. 

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