the sum of it all

here i lay

pencil in hand

staring at a problem that

isn't even

isn't pefect

itsn't - ugh!

i can't today

though the sun shines

and the cool breeze slips in the window

a seething hot tear rolls down my face

burning a path to my ear 

where the silence is too loud

but i don't wipe it away

won't dry them 

as they quietly pour off my cheek

onto the flowry blanket beneath

its one problem too many

one secret too big

i can only hold so much before the walls begin to 







but i won't let them get there

i patch them up

every day

and at night

they crumble, they break

and by morning 

fresh barriers appear

keeping all inside as safe as sound

maybe it was just one problem 

that didn't add up

or i didn't calculate the answer correctly

but either way

two things i know

is that math is always right

and tears burn down old barriers 

you don't need.




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