Suicide Songs

There used to be a time she only listened to the sweet harmony,

but the lullaby won't seem to stop dancing on her tongue.

She murmurs the verses at the slow beat of her heart

and hums the tune at the landing of each step closer

and closer to the sandy shore. It pulls

at her feet and her ankles to a place where

she's never felt safer,

more peaceful and wanted before.


The water is to her knees now

crawling up the length of her slender body,

So gentle and inviting

wrapping around her frail waist and hugging tightly,

So kind and enticing.

She submerges her Unworthiness in the depths

of those gentle embraces, and she takes her turn.

It's cold.

It's sweet.

And it's harder to sing underwater,

But there's no need anymore.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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