Suicidal Tendencies


   When you've hit your lowest point it's so easy to go back.

You can smile the pain away, but it has the potential to attack.

You take deep breaths and pretend to be fine but no one seems to know that your life is on the border. line.

Time, time can erase, time can heal but in the meantime how will I deal?

You feel so alone as if no one understands, but all they can see is the cuts on your hands.

You can't fully explain the feelings you feel but you can't deny the feeling is real.

Should I live of should I die? That's a question you shouldn't try.

Suicidal tendencies is simply satan in your ear.

Suicidal tendencies is a voice you shouldn't hear.

Choose today to choose to give. 

Choose today to choose to live.   


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