Suicidal Greyscale... I Wish You Could See the Rainbow.

My dear,

My friend,

My confidante,

you are drowning in suicidal greyscale.

The world, so vibrant, paints our lives with emotional colors-

our thoughts, feelings, actions-

in the guise of reds and blues and yellows.

How a bucket of grey came to be tipped over your head, I do not know.

It covers your eyes, and fills your ears and nostrils.

Grey drip-drip-drips on the floor, pooling around your feet, staining your path with a lack of enthusiasm...

for life.

Perspective, in theory, is changeable.

If only I could change yours.

If only this mental switch was as easy as painting on a canvas...

The air around you dances with shades of vibrant magnificence-

might you open your mouth and fill your lungs with a new take on life?

Breathe in a new reality

of rainow-shaded vitality,

and maybe


your will remember that YOUR life is more interesting, more important, than the contents of that spilt bucket of paint.




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