When I was young and small

I would sit and play

My parents fed me do's and donts

on what I could and couldnt say

Then I got a little bigger

but still easy to deceive

so my parents fed me dos and donts

of what I should and shouldnt believe

Its like they biult me out of leggos

to make their "perfect kid"

so that they could be recognized

through everything I did

But when I got much older

I am well into my teens

Im able to make myown remarks

and question what things mean

But sometimes I find some trouble

coming up with my own thoughts

because everytime I speak my mind my parents say

"Do not"

One minute they say "Speak louder"

and at these words I frown

because it seems that as soon as I open my mouth

they say "Shut up, sit down"

My parents claim they want me to talk

They say they want me to be open

But I've been trained to close my brain 

so its like my thoughts are broken


When I was little they told me

what I should and shouldnt say

But really they were saying

That I should only go their way

So they wonder why I lock myself up

for hours at a time

Its because thats the only way

I can think with my own mind

They cant accept my difference

They dont try to hear me out

They dont understand that the things theyve forced

are things that I can live without

They say I make this hard for them

because they cant grasp my motives

Their kids been gone for oh so long

and its like they dont even notice

Thats why I tend to keep things in

and limit my opinions to few

I can only imagine what my parents would think

If i were a daughter they actually knew

This poem is about: 
My family


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