A suffering child shall not cry.

A suffering child shall not let a tear run down their cheek to stain the soft brown skin that child was once felt comfortable in.

A suffering child will be strong, take the lashes and the sticks and the stones that are constantly thrown in their direction just because they are different.

Different in the eyes of society, school and their parents.

That suffering child will not cry.

Not even when the that childs father turned his back on his family as soon as someone young and new came in the picture.

That mans wife cried night and day , but not a tear fell down that suffering childs face.

That suffering child still lives.

She breathes in the air she once thought she wasn't worthy of all because one person said she wasn't.

She lets her guard down, its time for someone else take care of her instead of trying to be so strong, too strong for a child .

She cries, cries when sticks and stones are thrown at her because she knows crying is only human.

She smiles and realizes maybe what shes been feeling isn't suffering at all, what she's feeling is life.

Shardae is more than a face.

Shardae is more than a black kid with a dream that seems too far away, Broadway.

Shardae doesn't know exactly what she is at the moment but she is a somebody and she always will be.

A suffering child no longer, a human for eternity.


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