Sucka For Luv

I should've seen it when i looked in your eyes.

Preoccupied with making love no need to lie.

Getting close to cutting ties.

Knew you were into other guys thats no suprise.

Soon  as you picking up the phone with these jealous questions.

And hiding every text message not to mention.

And you don't feel a ounce of guilt no confessions?

Thats all i need to know i feel like splitting.

I guess im dipping

Nothing left to say no more now im out the door.

Cause now i know you been cheating.

I hope your happy with your new man and his beatings.

Now your all alone on your bed about to cry.

Letting it sink in that you lost me you realized.

Unmasked by your disguise.

You try and text me get no reply.

Don't apologize

I remember when it was all set in stone.

A happy home i put it on.

But now im having secret conversations on the phone when im alone.

Maybe one day you'll get more than leave a message at the tone.

Poetry Slam: 
This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world
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