Subterranean Subconscious Blues (Rainy Days)

morning 101.4 off station

just need a breath of coffee

for a stint of courtesy

diners are cliche, I'm glad

today cliches aren't weeds, but gardens

the house and kids in fact

while I stare hours out the teary-eyed window

vacation begins when she left the brew behind


selfish, born and raised

a little city big town folk, always the village inuit

furbies and shamwow

electric picture book

is stretching gum-wad minds

until catharsis-

speaking of, couldn't sleep for now

Doc prescribed me Dylan,

said, "you should get some piercings"

next a pretty empty girl on a dripping one way had a

palm tattoo reading

"Mark 4:20 - our day to blaze"

Guess Jesus was a hippie


corpocracy tenement built by daily news seeking anything


but hunting guppies from same tiny ocean full of real large


cannot use more characters to spell out what I want (in this specific advertisement (god bless you for still reading print))

very limited in number, unlimited times’ cost,

the diner closed minutes ago, eons maybe

if you're out there, reading this here, find me

i'm the one surrounded by clouds of people all the time

all alone

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