Substance dependence

Mon, 07/25/2022 - 02:36 -- Cookay


This cup of coffee

Is like the blood in my veins

It's just important as oxygen I breathe

Without it I'm only half a person like a zombie


this substance dependence

Makes me feel like the vampire

On the hunt for fresh blood

Feeling the death on my heals

If I don't consume a cup of coffee


Days without that sweet caffeine

Has me feeling unable to focus

And gaining ever growing brain fog

Clouding my choices and my memories


It has me coming back for just another hit

Caffeine is just another accepted drug

No one bats an eye if your seen consuming it

They have places of businesses devoted to it


Much like the crack houses

Coffee house are filled with the addicted

Getting their fix in a safe environment

Among fellow addicts visiting with each other


This substance dependence

Has everyone hooked on the latest addictions

Everyone jumps to the next trend

Just waiting for their chance for a taste


Government control

With a cup of joe

Keeping you hooked

Or trying to get you hooked

Everyone is doing why not you


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