Stuff You Can't Say to Your Teacher


Kids think they're so cool these days

saying whatever they want.

They think they're smarter than you

because thats what they're taught.

With no guidance at home

or bad influences in school

they'll say what comes to mind

and think they're so cool.

It's not cool to bad mouth your elders

they're in that position to help you.

YOLO doesn't have nothin on them

they were there before it was cool.

So next time you think its ok to talk sh*t

how about you sit down and shut up

before you get hit.

It's not right, it's not cool, to talk crap to your teachers

When you're a parent you'll know. You'll be total believers.

A teacher is a mentor

they ready you for life,

and when you say things you shouldn't 

You'll see the true strife.

Without teachers we're nothing

They help us grow

into the people we should be

That much I do know.



I can't stand it when students in class are rude to the teachers. It makes me angry that they think they know better than the teachers. Those people don't have to be there! They chose to dedicate their lives to help us begin ours. They deserve your respect until they prove otherwise.

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