Student's Point of View




Wake up in the morning

After hitting snooze

Hear my sister yelling

We're running late again!

I rush to get ready

Don't have time to brush my hair

Skip breakfast

Sprinting out the door

Barely make it to school on time

Get to class on the bell

Breathed a sigh of relief

Until I realize I didn't go to the bathroom

Raise my hand to go 

Teacher says after class

Decide to pull out a granola bar

Teacher shakes her head

Trying to follow along in class

The teacher goes too fast

I ask if she can repeat herself

She says not right now

I'm hungry, uncomfortable and confused

Why won't my teacher give me a break

I start to doze off 

Teacher calls me out

Why can’t I catch a break

Teachers don't understand

Being a student is not easy 

When the teacher makes it tough



It really catches a student's point of view on a rough morning when a teacher doesn't understand and sympathize. 

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