Student Advice


Student advice is not often heard, even though we repeat every word. We appreciate your help, and all of your time. But sometimes you're as bitter as a lime. We try to ask questions, we raise our hands. You look at us like a herd of lambs. You teach too fast, you teach too slow. We stare at the clock until its time to go.  We dont understand, and you get angry. Just take a deep breath, we're too getting cranky. We try to hear every word that you teach, but you ignore us when we try to preach. Just open your ears and hear us out, before we fail and cry and pout. It'snot that we dont care what your saying, it's just that your teaching is leaving us praying. We fear that test, we fear the grade. Just help us out and the stress will fade. Teach calmly and explain what we don't get. Before you know it, that frustration will be hard to forget.

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