By Tyree Jackson

Where should a boy go to hide?
To retreat from the battles his sexual
identity has to face?
And to pray that tomorrow will be a better day?

Who can he talk to concerning his problems?
When it is clear that his parents gave birth to a
boy he's not?

And when its plain as day, his older siblings disown
him for not being able to take physical pain?

His cries of "Mommy, Mommy!" shriek from his swollen lungs.
And after the ordeal is done, he is told to "Be a man and grow some."

So tell me, where should a boy go to scream?
Or, where should he go to cry?

Tell me, where should a boy go to dream?
Because tomorrow, he may not survive.

Poetry Slam: 



The question style makes hope for an answer after every line. Wish the poem had one, hopefully it is in the process.

Nice work.

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