The Struggle Is Real


No one notices your struggle

No one knows what it's like

To hold in emotion

While holding in life.

Because everyone wants to know what you're really thinking

But no one wants to know the truth

Because when you tell them they just stand there, blinking.....

It takes away your youth,

because if you hold in your life you’re not out living it

And when you hide the struggle and strife you’re not saving it

For a time when a dime is all it takes to save a life

Because making your real life known, is like saying that you have bones.

Because letting them know ‘The Struggle Is Real’

Is letting them know that they’re not alone

So you’re not alone

Instead, you’ve given yourself room to grow

By airing your dirty laundry

And laying your hand at the foundry of your life

Through your struggle and strife

So you strive for excellence

despite the ambivalence that people cast upon you

so you cast upon them like metal,

And lay your hand at the foundry of your life

Because the struggle is real

Everyone has to deal

with the struggles of reality

And face the pure brutality

of the world

Despite the pure mortality

We have to try empathetically

Instead of trying emphatically

Because using force to force reality upon a unrealistic realist

Is like telling an idealist who is dreaming what the deal is

Or giving the rich a price list for something that is priceless

Or trying to fix a door hinge for something that is doorless

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that trying is pointless

Because there is no point in trying, you just try it

Like an endless circle

Let the circle be unbroken

Because the truth has been spoken

There’s no way you can say

The struggle isn’t real

Because you will be outspoken

And you will get no where without a struggle

Like you will get nowhere on a subway unless you have a subway token.

So when no one notices your struggle

and no one knows what it's like

To hold in emotion, while holding in life

Just remember, when they ask ‘What’s the deal?’

You can remind ‘em: the struggle is real.


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