The Struggle

Preparing for my future, heading off to school

Preparing to hold mountains of debt,

You say, “This girl, she must be a fool”


But am I still going to take it? You bet

Because education is the road to success

Graduation, on the block. Ready, set


Go! –Wait, I have something to confess!

I have no way to pay, no way to manage!

In high school, this isn’t something they address!


From the get-go, already taking damage

Government, ignorance

Marring what’s supposed to be a new page


Scared enough to, almost, take a backwards glance

Fearing the unknown

I clench my fists, my teeth, take a fighting stance


Gauntlet thrown

Self-educate and rise to the challenge

No one to help; I’m on my own


Click ‘accept’ and cringe

Sign my death warrant

Feel my lungs singe


How can I function with grades and bills in my mind imminently prevalent?

I guess to the government and universities these things aren’t apparent.

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