The Struggle

You were so confident in something that was never truly tested.
Gilded was your bond, and so you invested.
Things changed
Life is hard
Especially when a baby came to end the facade.
A sheltered lifestyle
Hid you from the concept of an emotional struggle,
But this unexpected pregnancy burst your bubble.
Now your mother doesn't speak to you;
She's too ashamed.
Your father acts like he doesn't know you by your name.
You're all alone in this world,
Or at least, that's how you feel.
The father of your child no longer sees your sex appeal.
"I have a future," is what he would like to say,
"And you can’t raise a child on what my job pays."
He sees abortion as his savior.
In your head the idea seems so anti-biblical.
Abortion, in your eyes, equated murder
And you don't see what this has to do with him flipping burgers.
If the baby doesn't go,
Then he surely will.
Poor child.
That's enough to make her justify the kill.



Certain decisions should not have to be made so early on in life.


I really love this poem. You've captured the teen-pregnancy struggle in your story. Thank you for sharing! Keep up the good work!



Dahni Salvadore

Both the bitter tone and the subject are relatable to me. The struggle you describe is sadly a common one these days, and it is brought to life by your clipped phrases; it reads just as if one would be thinking it themselves.


Beautiful poem! Expresses some of the internal doubts some have:(


Wow! I love this poem, and I think it's really packed with emotion. I especially love the last line. 


Woah. U just made me contemplate bro ✊

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