Striving for Success

Now my path to success is guided but I feel as though i'm blinded.
Blinded by others trying to make me suffer, 
while my future was just trying to buffer.
Priorities left my side from the beginning but I realized high school is just a big ride, you go up and down without thinking,
being social got me to start sinking. 
I'm currently trying to put the past in last with my fellows, and were not giving up,
although I kinda messed up. 
It’s what it will take, but
it's all in what you make
We have all made mistakes.
From the start, it was coming from my heart.
Some say, “I love college and partying”,
but I learned quicker
from my parents biker.
Almost at ISU and looking at some others is making me sicker
I could be them but now I know better.
Yeah my past went fast but i'm far from last.
I won the fight for success but i'm telling you,
you don't have to be the best.
In high school, don't mess with the rest,
they bring you down but won't confess
I learned early on that I should send myself to infinity and beyond.
I deserve it
It was all worth it.
Sitting in a hall for buisiness
Yeah success, I gave birth to it
Anyone can do it.
Graduated and teaching,
I love helping others,
I never will forget about my OneGoal cohort though, they were my sisters and brothers
If I could give advice,
I would say do good from the start
and prioritize friends and work 
Looking back 25 years later, you should never have anything be catered.
I live in Chicago with my family 
I listened to my mom and dad, I should do whatever I want to be
it doesn't matter what others see,
i'm always just doing me
working makes you feel defeated 
but if it doesn't, don't ever be conceited
don't think life is always going to be the perfect complexion.
You're not always going to find a career with a connection.



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