Strive to be Flawless



Always strive to be flawless,

At school, at work, at play

Study hard, work harder,

But have fun along the way.


Words of wisdom from my elders

And those wiser than me

Must have made quite an impression

Cause it’s stuck for eternity!


Life is indeed a challenge

If you think it’s easy, it’s not

You get out what you put in it

So give it all you’ve got.


Don’t give in to peer pressure

Hold your head up high

Dare to be different

Are words that I live by.


No I am not flawless

I’ve got a long way to go

But I work at it daily

And daily I grow.


Live life to the fullest

But do it with grace

Strive to be flawless

Make the world a better place!


By: Chandler Fox 





This poem is about: 




I am currently a junior at Texas A&M University studying Food Science and Technology. Striving to be flawless is something I do regularly. I do not mean flawless looking on the outside, but rather on the inside. I was in an abusive relationship for too long and learned afterwards that I needed to fix the way I thought and valued myself. I have grown so much since that experience and have finally come to terms with it. It has resulted in me loving myself more, striving for success, and going after all of my goals. I have recently applied to do a study abroad trip to Brazil through my university where I will be able to go and help others in need. Making people happy makes me happy, and I know for a fact with out going through what I have, I would not consistently strive to be flawless. 

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