Stretched Bands   &

Stretched Bands

            Grinded to sand,

            Softened by oceans,

            Brightened by the sunlight,

            Being baked ripe.


            Set sails to the winds calling

            Brushed afar across the lands.

            Molding into a new,

            Bent with steel and unbronken heart


            Surpassing the many years

            Running as time flew

            Towards the past

            And scurried away from the future


            One which is blanketed by a mist

            Thick, dense, and shadowed

            Where stepping stones are unseen

            But where faith is fertilized with rich soil


            Growing up, with ever so much beauty

            That has been twisted, pulled and scarred

            Yet it stands

            A friendship that’s everlasting being but stretched bands


            Of one’s light

            One’s unrelenting hope for a life of peace


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