My cry tears for you, every day

not because of hate or disgrace

but that of abandonment and misplaced

Responsibilities to me to my brother, you see

I wondered and I wished why you left

but then again why would you have stayed

I saw you walk through the door

you kept walking forward, your eyes unmoving

you walked out so willingly, knowing the consequence

so why do I remain optimistic that you would return once again

I even after two years you still give me false hope

Broken promises and how you wish I could be you and understand the scorn on you

but a hero  I thought you were but you really weren’t

only disguise a wolf in sheep’s clothing

I was the only one that stood by my mother

I was the true hero unwavering  and supportive

she fell to her knees when you told her the news  

I stood by her knowing this wouldn’t end soon

and well enough we are still here fighting

still have to wait on that court date

and yes justice will be served

with the hope we can move forward and be rid of you

your pride now too deep, too dark, too posioned

 and you wonder why I no longer speak

for you are not worthy of my words ,my thoughts

but now you weep how my mother wept when you told her “you would ever come back.”

This poem is about: 
My family


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