The Street Lamp


United States
33° 0' 47.5632" N, 111° 58' 33.9456" W

At the corner it stands.
An unmoving, unfailing symbol of strength.
It's seen much.
It has seen a lost child wandering,
the shadows of dangerous men,
the rush of runaway lovers.
It has endured the constant changing of weather;
the rain, the snow, the fog, the wind
as it rushes...

It hears much.
Pealing laughter of giddy young girls.
The swearing of the working men.
It has heard threats from one man to another
and the quiet murmur of a homeless man
as he sits in its circle of protection on a bitter, lonely night.
He talks of his troubles
and it listens silently while his gravelly voice echoes through the streets.
It hears the whimper of a lost puppy,
who like everyone around him,
is desperately searching...

The street lamp can multiply,
reflecting a million tiny lights onto wet pavement after a storm.
When the lamp is lit
it brings comfort and protection.
When it is out
it brings vulnerability and fear.
Its stories are untold,
and for years it stands,
the best secret keeper of all.



Your poem was very inspiring! Thank you for writing it, Sara.

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