Street Kyd


My street lifeDay and night I pray for the right time to shine gloriously in the light. In the sparkles of heaven since I was seven, I was looking for my gifts and blessings. Now I'm plotting to strike my haters and these slayers of my players. Stacking our black diamonds bodies up in layers. Another brother and another mother who is now gone and abandoned. No one to help or put a hand in, long money us like its poker they calling all in. Lifes a mystery but we are the pieces to this puzzle. Instead we are like jigsaws, napping trapping stabbing and we smuggle. It's a wild life calling like kentland zoo. Never would've made it to the next level without my thugaboo. Yea she's thugging it too just like me and you trying to get some Jews and maybe a pair of shoes. Rocking ice together standing up to whoever cause we tight and laced up like that women in leather. Yup another sister lost in this twister.  Posted up in this blister trynna get that money for her three kids and I bet they really miss her. Could've even tell her daughter happy birthday or even kiss her. Could even tell her two sons how much she really loves em. Sigh it's crazy as can be out here but throw your fist In the air and stay strong, and the ones that dare to clip your wings you still have feet to climb those stairs. #motivation 

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As beautiful asthe man I know you to be :) Brava, oodakie


Thank you Moekie I really appriecate that :)

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