The story of the two best friends

To have known a man without a choice what people don't realize is some females didn't choose this life

to have someone from day one to understand your exact pain , to feel the fear to know the same wounds and how deep they run

to have someone you know doesn't look at you like you’re foreign, to have someone that'll never judge you because they know something outsiders don't

we didn't choose this .. I mean neither one of us ... who would ?things can make you or break you ... now girl , will you sink or swim ?...

Baby listen , we can float to the other side together , you see there is a whole other life waiting for us , we're so close I can taste the success

to know that people have "heard" about you and judge you because you've known too many at your age and see two kids

to know that my baby father ain’t ish and to know that my baby's father really aint him .. anyway

they were supposed to float together .. hand in hand using the same boat rowing at the same beat .. the same tempo

at one point everyone has to find a way to deal with things you had yours and I had mine

I chose to lock up and u chose to be open

yet and still we NEVER chose this

Even though we never chose this , our life is still what we make it

its not where u began its where u end up , the outcome means so much more

it feels good to see who you've become .. if u can be proud of it

you can’t get to the top if u don't start at the bottom right ?

but u cant stay at the bottom either ..

no matter how much effort was put forth to see that you didn't sink , you make your own decisions

you can’t live your life off of something you never chose , something u didn't deserve

something we both had that should've never been touched .. it only takes one tragic event to shape your life .

we WERE a whole formed by two different shapes .. the story of what used to be the two best friends ..


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