A Story Retold Time and Time Again


United States
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I sit and watch as you watch her wishing it were me. Screaming on the inside because I just want to be acknowledged, want to be noticed

Naïve and inexperienced. I am not worth any of your time yet I crave it, it’s
all I think about

Vexing her with my eyes.I don’t want to but I can’t help it, there’s nothing wrong with her, I don’t blame you for your choice

Infatuation is the best to describe this feeling without saying I Love You just from watching you from afar

Sense, nothing makes sense, as my mind is just a confusing mess

Inexistent to you. You look right through me, it’s happened before

Believe me. I would do anything for you to notice me, talk to me, you have only seen a taste of how far I would go

Lies, I say I don’t have a crush for the biggest fear I have is rejection. Rejection from you, I would rather stare without consequences

Existence in your world is all I want. I want to make an impression, make you remember me, make you want me as much as I want you.

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