Storms of heat

Sat, 07/26/2014 - 19:20 -- Jaynali


The chilling heat punctured my head like burning needles

Guilty swords cut my tongue leaving rusted iron on the tip

To remind me of my metallic blunders

The walls of my chest get tighter and glassy

Waiting to rupture and leap out of bounds

Promptly running from a sinners grasp

Glancing back with a triumphant crooked smile

I am a sheen of reflection

Thrown on a board of shattered oak

Cracking as it hits the broken ground with a thump

Seven years of bad luck started early

And I, the catalyst of my fracture

Feel the wrath of an inner compass

Carved from the crimes that have crossed my stage

How could I have been this person?

What magnet is straying me from myself?

I wish for a moment

For when this heat will subside

So that I, made of ice and flesh, will feel the blizzard

That I have always been




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