Storm Winds

Sapphire horizan along the dark green trees
Diamonds in the sky above the world, above me
The music of night, the rustle of leaves
A chill in the air a bite in the breeze
Tendrils of a cold shadow creep across the sky
Warning the innocent creatures, its time to hide
A wisp of wind whispers, silence has fallen
The warmth that was there has been stolen
Darkness gathers till theres no light in the sky
The brilliant stars of before seem to be a lie
The clouds lie ominous, too close to the ground
The cold rays of the moon aren't to be found
A storm on the wind coming fast to the hills 
Bringing lightning and rain with a power that kills
Echoing off the mountain to the valley below
The rumble of thunder signals the coming blow
A tremor of the tempest spreads through the night
The wind whirls stornger daring me to fight
I wait in silence for the first strike to land
Rage of the light turns the mountains into sand
My feeble ries are lost in a surge of sound
The wind is screaming, the thunder too loud
The rain is pouring down like my bloody red tears
Heart wrenching tears I've been crying for years
The wind is wailing songs of forgotten souls
From the tallest steeple the death bell tolls
In this nightmare no waking, I fear I can't escape
The light in the distance may come too late
The thunder is pounding against my breaking core
Fighting to stand but I can stand no more
Excruciating cries formed from neverending lies
Join the pandemonium in the tormented skies
Power all around me, force me to my knees
Burn me, rape me, cut me, when no one seems to see
My salty tears sear the wounds I bear
Mind and body shattered there's no rainbow here
No sun is shining on my beaten brow
No love is given to my broken heart now
I'm barely breathing, my heart is slow
I'm falling to blackness, 
                         I don't have to though.
I can stand like before, not fall to my knees
I can love the storm that tried to break me
I can believe in the hope that sheds the light
And I can brave the storm winds of life


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