The Storm is Over

A dream desired

But you’re hanging by strings

 Like a puppet on a wire


You used to love yourself

You see the girl in the mirror but you don’t know her


You’re fighting the storm but nothing goes right

Loving yourself

Now is such a fight


Between the darkness and the light

You’re fading to black

You keep getting pulled back


Neon signs flash before your eyes

And your tears can’t wash away your fears

But you keep on trying


Push forward, see the light

Baby girl you used to be so bright


You’re a wishing things would shape up

 And the stars would align 

But remember baby girl she’s up there smiling


She didn’t forget you

And I know she misses you too

Looking up at the sky

The clouds no longer collide  

Sheltered from the storm it’s over now

You’re on higher ground


Free yourself don’t forget who you are

Paths collide

But it’s your time to shine

Be yourself

Move on

Now forgive your self

Love yourself



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