Stories to Stories

Growing up

I never wanted to

Wanted to stay a kid

for as long as I could.


First went recess

then playing pretend.

Later went classes

of reading for fun.


Textbooks replaced novels

and facts replaced fun

and I missed my reading

the thing that I love.


The other weekend

I went to a book sale.

Rather than novels,

to non-fiction I went.


And there I found books

oh so many books

that told me about others

and led me into their lives.


Just like novels had done for me as a youth

now non-fiction is my outlet to truth.

I used to use novels, because the world was new to me.

Now I have learned and recognize value in what is true.


Now I listen to real stories

those happening around me.

I use their words

to lead change in the world.


I still adore fiction

but its purpose has changed.

As non-fiction took over,

social action took root.

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