Seven O’clock, my alarm won’t stop.
To turn it back off would be a sin.
I get up my courage and wake up my body,
As light shines very dim.

Nine O’clock, why won’t he stop.
He knows that none of us care.
If it weren’t for parents and state law,
He knows we wouldn’t be there.

Eleven O’clock, lunch is stopped,
As class must go on again.
I go to my class and try to pass,
A test I didn’t study for nor the subject in.

One O’clock, heart has stopped.
I enter my favorite place,
I suffer through the day to come here.
To enter my history class.

To tell the teach would be crime.
I’d be a dork for all time.
I keep my mouth shut and tune in.
I know I can deal with this man.

Three O’clock, school has stopped.
I go home and dread the next day,
Except for that one class and one teacher,
The name of which I won’t say.


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