Stop my Heart

I thought I knew it once
Only to leave me helpless and exposed
I lie on the floor
Heart bleeding tears
And eyes forever lost

I need that again
I need you to care
To remove these lonely nights from my life
Whoever you are, wherever you may be

Please find me

My heart aches
Only tortured by the possibilities
So helpful… my weakness
You’ve tricked me with your ways
I’ve overlooked your natural born kindness

How stupid of me
Pitiful, to think more of it
I feel once again the hurt and pain
I breathe in your leftover fragrance
Hoping for you…longing for your presence
Why is my heart so willing?

I thought you were the one
Charming and seemingly perfect

I wasn’t wrong about you
But how so I was about intentions
So lost and confused
How could this happen
Tears again, the only exposed indications of my hurt

I guess this means I’m back to the beginning
Looking for who I though was you
I feel the vines clamping further around my heart
Soon I won’t be able to loosen its grip, to expose it any longer
There is only so much We can take
Before it stops beating forever

Will I have you then?


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