Stop Being Sorry


Stop Being sorry

Sorry that I feel so dead inside,

Sorry my smile isn’t perfect.

Sorry I have a tendency to cry,

Sorry I'm everything you're not.

Sorry that you're my everything 

And I’m not "hot".

Sorry I called you beautiful,

and you laughed in my face. 

Sorry that all I do is try,

Sorry that you like to make me feel like a disgrace,

Sorry that I'm sorry. 

For all that you've done,

Sorry that I'm not sorry.

Because in the end,

You'll be the one,

Whose "sorry"

That boy you laughed at in the halls,

he has no regrets.

With all those hurtful words,

he's at his best.

No mask was ever used,

no mask was ever needed,

Because of you,

I was never alone.

No need to hide behind your phone.

Save those negative comments for tomorrow.

Hiding behind your screen doesn’t make you pretty,

it makes you... Hidden.

So don’t make me sorry,

its your turn to cry.

Because I am me,

and that’s all you’ll see.

- Devin Hicks


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