Dear Little Princess,


As a princess, you're stolen
by a fiery beast,
and then saved by a prince
so your troubles may cease.


That's the story you know
but it's filled with lies.
It is only what's seen
by an outsider's eyes.


A princess is silenced
and connot speak to others.
By the king, by the queen,
by thr whole kingdom she's smothered.


I, too, am one of these so called
damsels in distress.
I have the looks and the crown,
and I wear the dress.


My lips are stitched together
and sounds can't escape.
But to most, my stitches
appear as removable tape.


Only the dragon could see them
and took me away to be free.
Though it seemed like kidnap,
he was not guilty.


Then the prince came
and away the dragon had to fly.
Though I went peacefully,
on the inside I cried.


My freedom was over.
It was back to my ways.
Back to my world of silence,
where I'll spend the rest of my days.


The princess life is sad.
The princess life is bleak.
And a princess always wonders
what it's reaaly like to speak.


Why do I write you this letter?
The answer's simple you see
I just want you to know
what I wish someone told me.


The dragon takes you away
and your stitches are gone.
But when the prince comes to save you
he sews them back on.




A Silent Voice


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