Still Struggling


United States
34° 2' 31.254" N, 117° 39' 39.906" W

When I came out my mama, I was born prematurely.
Already having problems just because I came out early.
But it's cool, I made it, had a couple hairs, curly
Don't remember much, my eyesight was quite blurry.

Now 2, a bit older, I'm a cool little dude
Dad was working double shifts just to pay for food.
Fast forward to 5, new house, new town
Felt out of place, especially because I was brown.

Entered school shortly, hardly knew any English
But it's cool I guess, because my school was distinguished.
Got suspended in my first week just for speaking Spanish
After that, all I wanted to do was just vanish.

Hate to sound morose, but I admit, it was reality
After all this, it started changing my mentality
Of how I viewed the world, and everybody living
And learned that this world isn't so forgiving.

Forgive and forget, quickly learned to use it daily
I gotta say, I have seen my fortune changing lately.
Now I look at my struggles and believe that I can thrive
Especially because I've been struggling since 5.

But I'll flourish, I've come too far to let this go
Average sized, yet my brain continues to grow.
And when I grow older, I'll help kids that were in my position
It will be hard, but I'm sure I can complete the mission.


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