Sun, 10/06/2013 - 15:54 -- lbones


Size 4..5.. wait wheres the rest?

If I may inquire is it best? To not only deprive us young women of the nicest dress but of confidence in general?

To be noticed

To be admired

To be desired in this sad media oppressed world, we young ladies must dress up to impress the small mindedness of the other sex.

Though we don’t mind nor do we bother to address the sexist stereotype there but alas I do not fret…

Media!! She throws up to present stick thin.. pencil thin little girls.. in tight jeans to show off a derrière they just don’t have and tight shirts to show how flat they really are.. prancing around in 4in heels even though it hurts to even stand..

The skin beating red like stop signs on the street, but their facial expressions detached from the pain..It’s as if it really isn’t there..right below them...blistering their delicate feet..

Oh and do they strive… they strive to be that perfect size but there’s no way to get there to BE there without sacrifice..

You could “No pain No gain” is their motto because that’s what it seems to be..

Their make-up could sting, their feet could hurt, their mid-driffs cold as well as their legs, and their minds brainwashed to want to look that that way..

Self-expression and style coincide with each other when it comes to female stereotypes…

BUT REALLY should it?

Should it be the deciding factor of who finds love and who doesn’t?

Should it make girls throw away individuality and to take up something that is the “norm”?


It should never be the deciding factor for anything or for anyone…

TO BE LOVED for who you are on the inside.. not the outside..

You know the unique features and individual misses when they look at you from across the room..


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