Stepping on the Track

If you are not nervous for what is about to happen there is something wrong. You need to implant in your mind that these people are here for the same thing you are here for, to win. You don't know how much effort they put into this , you only know what you did, and you should know what has to be done. Every single person you walk up to the line with wants the same thing you want. They all went through the training, and if you get to that line and don't realize that you are not the only one with talent out there you will fail. The prize is To Win. Don't think it's gonna be easy, I can promise you it will not be handed to you, this is something you have to work for. You have to train your mind before you can acheive greatness. With a weak mind one cannot pull through and finish the race. When your limbs are too weak its your mind and perseverance that will carry you through the line. The only person in your way is you. This is the year of greatness, and everyone has their part in it.


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