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although i get nothing but love
there is always going to be moments where others will push and shove
there are those waiting for you fall
i remind them why at the end, i always stand tall
i give myself a gut check when i see myself being comfortable
i hear those whispers of encouragement in my soul shouting be uncomfortable
there are those who have that hunger like a boxer gunning for the undisputed title
that's why all the words i say are vital
there is nothing wrong with competition
that's why none of verses becomes a repetition
people are determine to see me fall
my drive to be the best is why i stand tall
its one thing to cheer someone that will prosper
its another to take a cheap shot like rappers dissing other rappers
each day presents new challenges
i make certain to rise above the occasion the same way magic did against bird

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There is a strong rhythm here, and the end rhymes are fresh and interestingly accomplished ("prosper and rappers" stands out). The three metaphors permeating the poem--comparisons with a boxer, rappers, and basketball players (I think)"--are strong, but could perhaps be elaborated upon. The image of a boxer gunning for a prize title is particularly evocative--consider making that image more present, as it truly is a worthwhile one.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thank you for the support
give me more specifics in what way from your vantage point where i could elaborate further

reason of metaphors was to simply create and relate punch lines
check out my other poems sam

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