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I thought I have felt the edge of Death's Blade
My bones were brutally broken and shattered. Just like the will to keep standing.
My muscles ache of the arrows and spears in the back. These were of the traitors whom once were trusted.
Blood runs down every face.
Sitting in devastation, with no other survivors.
The war is lost.
The will to rise is questioning within itself.
You ask a simple question: How can I live with this pain and grief? And if so, what now?
The kingdom has fallen.
Even with great spirits of hope, our war was lost.
Unable to move, yet with the power to breathe.
My spirit is tainted. My temple runs in blood and ruins.
Unlike the bretheren that began to bond back to nature, I was unable to.
Wounded, but yet still alive.
Acquiring the spirit to lift yourself, remove the arrows from your back, and walk through the pain is never an easy thing to do.
Especially with sorrow that outweighs your thirst for the most forsaken hatred of all: Vengeance.
But in this violence, nothing is learned, gained, nor shared.
All that can be done for the concept of war and it's inevitable casualties, is to continue to give love to even those that take and leave nothing.
This lesson is sometimes learned and never forgotten.
Other times, hatred clouds the mind's judgement, and this battle of hatred and forgivence continues as history ascends.
The winner of this battle following the war will determine the fruit of our future.
This is why I have not submitted myself to the vines of nature.
I choose melt away into history,
only to become stronger and smarter.
I will do my best to reach for the heavens,
for the people that will follow us,
will not suffer an upbringing, shadowed by the towering mountains of defeat, oppression, hatred and pessimism, but as a brighter future. A world to look forward to, crafted by survivors for the newer generations.
I choose to rise as STEEL.

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Jalenjack13, this poem this utterly amazing. I have no words other than flattery for you! I am looking forward to reading more of your writings and will be adding you to the scholarship selection list!

Thank you for sharing this wonderful poem!


wow, this one really hit home for me. the message is truely beautiful, and if this was the way people always thought, the world would be a better place. nice job


The speaker in this poem is a true overcomer! It gets me as a writer and a human being pumped up and ready for what lies ahead of me regardless of all the tasks. Keep writing on my friend!


Steel is impressive in more ways than one. You are good with words. Thank you.


Your poem has the power to touch many people,, and that is a gift you should never underestimate. Keep on writing and improving and you could change the world.


I just wanted to say that I really love your poem!

I tend to dislike the majority of the poems that I read, but for some reason I have to like yours.  I think it's very beautiful and descriptive, and there's something emotional- touching about it.  I look forward to reading more from you.


Beautiful Poem 


thank you for writing this. i know you didn't write it for me but, it feels that way. i needed to read something like this and here it is forever making an imprint in my thoughts as now you you have made an imprint on me, i may not be much but i am something

Jeffrey Fleischer

This is a great  poem.


Susupriya Irengbam

Love this poem.

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