Stay Strong Sweetie

Stay Strong my love, when all goes wrong continue to move along.

It may hurt now but it won't forever. What he did to you was wrong...

I still can't get over what he did to you, how he made you black and blue...

It makes me sick, I wish I was there to stand up for you.


Stay strong sweetie for life is the most precious thing 

The abuse you have suffered today while it may sting

It will make you who you are meant to be

How do I know? Because this happened to me.


Since I was young I was abused too. Mentally, physically, emotionally used.

At first I blamed everyone for not helping me when I was bleeding and bruised.

It wasn't until I was about 12 that I knew what I had to do. I had to stand up for me and you.

You are amazing, beautiful, confident, and unique; Have an optimistic view


Stay strong sweetie, I know you can.  Being an abused child is rough...

But you, my dear, are tougher than you think and one day he will be in cuffs.


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