Father sent to jail
locked behind bars in a cell
hit moms up said she had to pay bail
On a false battery charge
police up in the yard
and my pops was pissed
had handcuffs on  his wrists
took him down to the station
with no hesitation
ain't ask no questions
just made statements 
and allegations
like he committed a felony
pigs treating niggas like it's the 70's dawg
Like everything we do is suspicious and wrong
i thought times evolved where anyone is a suspect
not just us with a dark skin pigment
so these pigs make an indignant denial
like it ain't about race it's about whats right
but check the system 90% is black
we ain't all criminals but most people assume that
and when i walked by a car with my friends
this woman locked her door like we were going to break in
and i realize you can't fight stereotypes
you can only make people see what your like
that is why first impressions are seen as critical
you got to show the world that you're not the typical
black woman black man that they show on tv
the ones from the hood that can't speak correctly
i don't know about y'all but i'm offended by that
every time something goes wrong somebody ask was he black?
I mean we do have our records every race has their records 
except for whites they get known for mental illness
& every other race gets known to be violent
they're terrorists, thugs, or uprising
just to be looked down on
lets change things from now on
lets have equality embedded in stone.
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