"Status Quo"


Status Quoby Danique Gordon


How can the term “Status Quo” be defined?

When the meaning has been evolving over time

Many say that it is a set of rules that society follows

The “Norm”

And anyone that doesn’t regard the guideline gets sidelined

In today’s society being different is out

Being the same is in

No one cares to acknowledge the difference within

The heart is something that can’t be set

Feelings aren’t just something you can “GET”

So why is the term “Status Quo” always taken into effect?

   What makes me tick

Is seeing people get poked and prodded with the “stick”

The stick that tells us what to do

Who to be

Cause you can’t always change what you see

You just gotta let things be

The soul can’t always be comprehended

But one thing that can

Is the “Status Quo” is not real

“Normality” can’t be achieved

And individuality isn’t something you can always see

You can’t just SCAN the cover to understand the book

You have to OPEN it and LOOK!


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